Mylan Introduces More Affordable EpiPen

Mylan Introduces More Affordable EpiPen

Washington, D.C. — Attempting to recover from the well deserved backlash against evidence of up-charging the life saving medication,  Mylan, the makers EpiPen, appears to have listened to consumers and have introduced an “affordable” option.   “Look, we screwed up. We didn’t think people would catch on to our bullshit—for that we are sorry,” said Chief of Operations, Hannah Breck.  “Our team was hard at work creating a more affordable option, so we have created an EpiPen that contains 1/6th of effectiveness at 1/6th of the price,” said Ms. Breck proudly.

“We didn’t think people would catch on to our bullshit—for that we are sorry.”

When questioned on price of the new pen, Ms. Breck responded, “Look when it comes to our patients health, money is of no concern.  So now, instead only having the option to purchase the regular $600 for the full life saving dose, the affordable option is only $100 for a partial ‘could possibly help for a very limited time’ dose.”  When pushed about those who need the full dose but can’t afford it, Ms. Breck responded, “I would recommend those people save—really pinch those pennies so when death comes abruptly knocking on their door—they’re prepared.”

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