Man Mistakes Promotion For Pay Raise

Man Mistakes Promotion For Pay Raise

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Celebrating after 7 years of long nights and weekends, Alex Miller finally received a long awaited promotion.  Alex, a research assistant, was quick to change his business card to read Executive Research Assistant .  “I gave up my life for this company, I feel so glad that my loyalty and hard work is finally rewarded.  I knew that giving up most of my life for this job would eventually pay off,” said Alex.  Unfortunately for Miller, his celebration was short lived upon seeing his paycheck as being unchanged.

“It’s a title change only, the pay will remain the same.”

A confused Miller worked frantically to fix the “mistake” only to discover that the promotion comes with no pay raise.  “It’s a title change only, the pay will remain the same,” said his boss, Mr. Henderson.  “Also you will remain at your same cubicle, no new office.”  Alex was reassured that his promotion was a good thing, “Listen, being an Executive Research Assistant is a big deal, you keep up the good work and maybe we’ll talk numbers next year.”  While no raise was given, Miller still managed to celebrate by sitting at his cubicle while staring softly at a photo of his younger, happier self.

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